Linda Louise Mecham-Rigsbee
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​Painting is something I have started doing as an adult. I actually did more acrylic painting after I started e-painting. 

E-painting is using a computer to create an image. That isn't merging images, but starting from scratch. I create my e-paintings in MS Paint program using a regular wheel mouse. I like the challenge and consider it a completely different form of art. Many people don't appreciate the work or talent required because they have never used this program. It comes with most computers. Try drawing a few lines with the pencil and you will gain an appreciation.
​I often use my e-painting for book covers or illustrations in my books.
I have tried oil painting, but I prefer the easy cleanup and drying speed of acrylics. When I paint saw blades, I spray them with a rust-inhibiting paint and then paint with acrylics. After they are dry, I spray coat them with polyurethane.
Of course, eventually one of my acrylic paintings would eventually wind up as a book cover. Below is one and I have more planned.
I always wanted to paint a mural and didn't pass up the opportunity when I built my book trailer.