Linda Louise Mecham-Rigsbee

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    I have no doubt that I sculpted soap bubbles in my bath water as a baby. I saw animals in clouds and woodgrain. I did some stargazing, but never could understand the objects people saw in them. The earliest I can remember sculpting was using clay as a child when we lived in Arizona.
    When we lived near Alma, Arkansas, there was a lot of red clay in the soil. My mother taught us kids how to extract the clay and we all sculpted figures and dried them. I remember a head with a protruding nose on it that Mom made and dropped. The nose didn't break!
    In the picture below, the cat is carved from soap, but I sculpted the rhino, goat and giraffe out of clay that you can bake in your oven. I sculpted and painted the miniature pottery below, right.
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