In my "spare time," I used to decorate cakes. I made cakes for family and friends (often for weddings) as well as professionally from my home.
    Each cake was unique. I considered it a form of art and gave it a theme.  Imagination took over, transforming an assortment of shapes into my own masterpiece.
    I no longer have the time, space or steady hand to make cakes on a professional level, but I enjoyed it back then.
Culinary Creations

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   I still like to make decorative pies. I enjoy the challenge and sometimes the extra income.
  I like to cook, but it has always been a challenge for me because I didn't have the space, equipment or budget to do it right. To complicate things, I had a husband who was a diabetic and I had allergy problems. Cooking wasn't much fun until I started getting creative for other people. 
  My next challenge will be decorative cookies. I have some puzzle piece cookie cutters and an idea. I'm an artist, so my skill and imagination are the limit.
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