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Like the feel of a printed book when reading, but can't afford the price? 
You may be able to get a free print copy in exchange for a review.

I keep copies on hand to sell, but I also give a limited number of copies out free in exchange for a review on Amazon. (Note instructions and tips below)
 Find the book you want on my book list. Click on it and read the book description and information. Click on the Free Print  Book For Review button to request a free copy.  I will notify you when a copy of that book is available and request your address. After you read it, simply review it on Amazon. 


You will need an Amazon account, but you don't have to purchase the book to review it. 
1) Go to Amazon.
2) At the side of the search box where the drop-down menu is, select Books.
3) Type the book title and author name in the search box. 
4) To the right of the book are 5 stars and a number showing how many reviews there are. 
5) Click on the number of reviews.
6) On the left side, under where it says "Review this product," Click on the "Write A Customer Review Button.
7) Follow instructions.
8) Give your review a title - It can be something like "Interesting Book" or whatever you want.
9) Click on the number of stars you would give this book. (Note Review Tips Below.)

Review Tips:

If you don't like a book and/or if you didn't finish it, it's best not to review it. 
   I know - you got the book free for a review - but just send me a message. You can tell me why you didn't like it. I'm not thin-skinned, but a negative book review doesn't sell books, and I'm offering a book for a review so that I can sell more books. Not everyone is going to like my books, and that's okay. You can write a positive review and still comment on areas where you would like to see improvement.  Less than 3 stars is a bad review and it pulls down the overall rating of the book.

Tell what you liked about the book.
If you liked the book, there was a reason. It held your attention; it reminded you of something; you liked the flow...you get the picture. 

Is this the first book you read by this author?
If you've read other books by this author and like them, this is the time to say so.

Would you recommend the book? Why?

A review doesn't have to be lengthy.
You're writing a reader's review. The editor's review for the book has already been written. A simple: "I really enjoyed this book." is fine. You're a reader, not a writer - we get that - and thank you for taking the time to review! It is the best way to help an author.

Linda Rigsbee
Multi-Genre Writer
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