In May of 1997 I began producing a family circular - a zine called Dear Tales. It was a little 5x8-1/2 booklet that was bound using 110# bond for cover with 20# bond pages.  All was sewn together and covered with  white Duck tape.  It was an attractive little booklet that was durable.  Then I began to bind my books so that my friends and co-workers could read them.  I started with a 3-ring binder and moved on to comb binding.  While I still use the comb binding for books that require hands free reading, I gradually learned how to produce a glue bound book that looked little different from professionally produced softbound books. While it began as a method of binding for friends, it has morphed into a craft that I call HomeSpun Literature.  I sell these books online and at craft shows.  They make great personalized gifts. 
In the beginning, I created the cover pictures in Microsoft Paint Brush program.  I considered it an art form, but few people were familiar with the program and had no concept of the skill required.  To most people, it simply looked unprofessional.  I moved on to photography.  Many of my books today have cover pictures created from photos I have taken.
Dear Tales booklets with sewn binding and e-painting cover pictures by Linda L. Rigsbee
Comb binding with e-painting cover picture created by Linda L. Rigsbee
Handcrafted glue bound book with cover designed using a photo taken by Linda L. Rigsbee
Linda Rigsbee
Multi-Genre Writer