Multi-talented, Rigsbee promotes her writing with other skills.

E-painting: Rigsbee creates e-paintings using MS paint program and a wheel mouse to illustrate some of her books. "The Frog In The Bog" cover was one of those created this way. She even enhanced the title font.

Acrylic painting. Rigsbee paints saw blades as well as creating cover pictures for her books. "The Turtle Reunion" book cover is a good example of her acrylic painting.

Sketch and Colored Pencil: Book covers like "Roly Poly & The Ant" are created by Rigsbee by sketching an image and then using color pencils to color them.

Woodwork:  Rigsbee sells her books at craft shows and Farmer's Markets. Putting up and taking down a tent alone for a few hours of show became such an ordeal that she decided to build her own booth on wheels. She designed and built the Book Trailer from a small utility trailer and painted murals on the sides. No more loading and unloading books. They are kept in a cabinet inside the trailer. The sides fold down an up to make a place to put book racks. 
Linda Rigsbee
Multi-Genre Writer 

"I write for pleasure - yours and mine."