Adjusting the Mask Fit
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Linda L. Rigsbee
Adjusting The Ear Piece

T-shirt material is more comfortable on the ear than elastic, but it doesn't expand and contract as well. If your mask is too loose, it can be adjusted.
Pull on one end of the tie until the knot comes out of the side pocket. Untie the knot and adjust it to the correct size. Once adjusted, pull on the other end to pull it back into the side slot.

‚ÄčRecently, I have been selling the masks with the ear attachment not tied. I do this so it isn't necessary for the customer to untie before adjusting to their face. Everyone's face is different. Some people have smaller noses and often one ear is a little higher or further back. Tie the mask so it feels comfortable and then pull the knot into the pocket on the side.

The tie can be replaced with a longer one so that it can be tied behind the head. This allows the mask to be pulled down around neck when not in use without exposing the inside. 

To replace with a longer tie, pull each end of the tie through a side pocket. I use a crochet hook to do this, but you could make something out of a piece of wire. Just stick it through the slot, hook the tie around it and pull it up through.

Once the tie is in place, with the inside of the mask facing you and the top up, slip your head through the bottom loop. The loop will be around your neck. Now pull the ties behind your head and tie them. This method provides a better fit and gives the ears a rest. The tie should be about 45" long.

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