Face Masks
I chose the Aries 2 style surgical style mask pattern because of its tight, comfortable fit. It is versatile, allowing the wearer to use either over-the ear or tie method. It has a pocket for the N95 filter and it is light and  constructed of washable cotton fabric. 
I use T-shirt material to make a resilient attachment that is more comfortable on the ears.

I make the mask in 4 sizes. To determine which size you need, measure from the bridge of your nose to under your chin. 

The mask sizes are:
Large (Men or Large Women) 8"
Medium (Women, Small Men and Teens) 6.5"
Small (Children 7-12 years) 5.5"
x-small (Children 3-6 years) 5"

I Also make Mask Mates. These can be worn with disposable masks to relieve pressure on the ears. Simply loop the elastic on each side around a button.
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I sell these masks at the Elkins Farmer's Market on Thursday evenings 4-7 pm. It is at the Harris Baptist Church in Elkins, Arkansas.  Watch the Elkins Farmer's Market Facebook page for the selections I have for that week.