The Artist:
     Sketch, paint, pencil, ink and e-painting - Linda uses them all.  Not stoping at paper or canvas, Linda also carves and sculpts almost anything she can visualize.  
The Photographer:
     Digital imagery is Linda's favorite choice.  "If I had to develope all the pictures I've taken, I'd have to mortgage the house.  Still, with all those pictures, maybe one in a hundred are good enough to meet my requirements for "PhotoScript".  
The Seamstress:
     Linda L. Rigsbee has been sewing since age eight.   Along with sewing her own clothes, Linda likes to create note pad holders.  Inside is a small address book, a half-pint pen and a note pad.  Each one has a theme and a quote by Linda.  
The Cake Decorator:
    Before she started narrowing her hobbies down to make time to write, Linda made specialty cakes. An unusual request was always a challenge.  
The Woodworker:
Holding no claim to being a carpenter, Linda enjoys working with wood.  Usually the projects are useful in the house.  This picture is of a recent "renovation" of her workstation.  It began as the book case and desk with a place for a monitor.  the space to the right was for a Smith Corona typewriter - the beginning of her writing career.  Later she cut a slot in it so that the paper to her dot-matrix printer could be pulled through.  The slot has now been patched and serves as a workspace.
Striving for excellence - 
Accepting the best effort in all that I do. 
Linda L. Rigsbee is multi-talented.  In addition to sculpting, carving and painting, she also enjoys photography, woodwork, sewing, gardening and cake decorating.  Taking her writing to a higher level, she home publishes her books and markets them.  
The Publisher:
Linda  home publishes her books.  She designs the cover, formats the story, prints and binds the books in her home office.

Linda Rigsbee
Multi-Genre Writer 

"I write for pleasure - yours and mine."