e-paintings by Linda L Rigsbee
Linda has been carving and sculpting since she was a young girl.  In her early teens, she carved things from pine bark, which was plentiful at their home near Alma Arkansas.  Below, the cat is carved from a soap bar.  The rino and goat are sculpted of clay that can be cooked to harden, and then painted.  The goat is about 1-1/2 inches tall.  
Says Linda: "My father once handed me a 8" length of 1/2" nylon bar stock.  He asked if I could make something out of that.  I did - a train."

The Artist 
Linda Louise Mecham-Rigsbee
Few people understand the skill required to create a picture in Microsoft Paint Program like those below.  It is many times  more difficult and time consuming than drawing or painting on paper or canvas.  Linda considers it a new art form.  She has been doing it since the late 90's.  Some of her children's books, like "The Frog in the Bog" and "How the Easter Bunny Got His Tale," are completely illustrated by Linda using MS Paint and a regular mouse.  
Cat carved from soap, sculped rhino and goat
Linda has given away so many of her sketches that she has lost count.  Many of them were given to fellow students in grade and high school.  One of her books was on hold for years while she figured out how to get photos.  "The Udderly Versitile Goat" is now in production with sketches she has made.  Linda sketches for her grandchildren as well.

 Train carved from nylon bar stock
Linda Rigsbee
Multi-Genre Writer
Acrylic Painting

Painting with Acrylics is something relatively new for Rigsbee. She has recently started painting saw blades, and has painted a book cover for one of her children's books.