Other than carving, I think the first time I worked with wood was when I made a changing table for our adopted son in 1980. I designed it and crafted it from a pallet. I covered the wood with wood grain contact paper and then sewed a cushion for the top of it.
​When we moved to the country in 1984, I disassembled a shed that was up on the hill and brought it down near the house, reassembling it as a goat milking building. I built a chicken coop there too. I had no experience and there was no internet back then where I could watch a YouTube video. 
​   As I acquired equipment, experience and improved financial ability, my projects increased in both quality and quantity.  I began tackling more detailed items like cabinets and work tables - even remodeling our home.  
   When a trailer became available to me, I made it into a book trailer so I could sell my books.
by Linda Rigsbee

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