Linda Louise, Linda L. or L.L. Rigsbee 

Regardless of the name she uses, all Rigsbee's books are free of offensive language and explicit sex.  Her characters are realistic, the plots believable and the endings always upbeat.

Rigsbee has been an independent (indie) author since 1986. Best known for her clean romance novels, she also writes a variety of fiction & non-fiction including western, adventure, and travelogues. Linda has written over 35 books.

Rigsbee is a multi-Genre writer

Romance: Rigsbee writes Clean Romance where the focus is on building and maintaining a relationship. 

Western:  Rigsbee's westerns are fast-paced, generally a can't-put-down read.  Most are novellas but they offer a full menu of mystery, adventure and action.  The novel, "Blood Red" is Rigsbee's latest western.  The title is a play on words, as it is actually an argument against violence - learning to control and channel anger.

Fantasy: While the Mascot Series isn't Rigsbee's first work with Fantasy, they are her first fantasy novels. "The Purlieu Experiment," "The Anialwch Connection" and "Return of the Fontalo" compose a trilogy about an experiment on a new planet involving genetically modified people. Read The First Book. Available in e-book format as well as paperback at Amazon.

Youth:  Linda writes for children on up through young adult. Linda illustrates her children's books.  Most are available on her HomeSpun Literature site as free downloads.  

Rigsbee writes different story lengths

Flash Fiction: Flash fiction ranges from 100 words to 1000 words. Rigsbee is a member of the Friday Flash Fictioneers, responding to a photo prompt with a 100 word story that has a beginning, a middle and an end. She also blogs.

Short Stories:  Rigsbee hones her writing skills with short stories that can be read free on DEAR TALES website.  Most of these stories are also available in short story collections.

Novellas:  A novella is longer than a short story, but shorter than a novel.  It is Rigsbee's style of "tight" writing that makes these stories memorable.

Novels: A novel is generally over 30,000 words. Rigsbee has lots of novels (see home page) and more coming all the time. 

​    In addition to publishing through Amazon, Rigsbee home publishes quality handcrafted books under the craft name,  HomeSpun Literature. She is a member of Conservative Fiction Project and Friday Fictioneers. Linda has recently started Pro-Active Writer's Group to promote authors.

  Multi-Talented, Rigsbee writes, sculptscarves and paints. In addition to those talents, she enjoys photography, woodwork, sewing, gardening and cake decorating. Rigsbee has always enjoyed chickens and has a few as pets. 
Linda Rigsbee
Multi-Genre Writer
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