I was born in Wichita, Kansas in 1949, but we left there when I was only five. Our family moved a lot, which made school much more difficult for a dyslexic child and proved impossible for lasting friendships, but it gave me a much broader perspective of cultures and geography. We lived in Kansas, Arkansas, Texas, Arizona, California and Missouri. My older sister was born when my parents lived in Colorado, but I never lived there.
    My mother was born in Minnesota and my Dad in Kansas. They got together through letters during WWII. Dad was a WWII veteran who served in the Pacific.
    I left home the day after I graduated from Bentonville High School in 1967 and moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where I stayed with my sister for a while, looking for a job. I had no experience and I was so shy I couldn't look an interviewer in the eye. I did finally get a job, though. I worked as a volunteer at one job, and then at Walgreens as a cashier before starting as a clerk in an oil firm. I had my own apartment across the street from the Tulsa Library. I thought there was no better place to live.
    After a year, I moved back to Arkansas. I met and married my lifetime partner, Edward Rigsbee at Lake Atalanta Roller Rink in Rogers, Arkansas. I literally fell for him and he literally picked me up. That was in November and we were married in April of 1970 at my parent's home in Vaughn Arkansas.
    In July of 1971, we had a son and in 1980, we adopted a second son. We lived in Rogers, Bentonville, Cave Springs and Fayetteville - always northwest Arkansas. We retired near Lake Sequoyah, Fayetteville.

    I have seen many changes in my lifetime, and they have had a profound effect on my life - especially internet. I have always been fascinated with computers and still use Excel and Word daily. I have several Facebook accounts and pages, as well as multiple websites.

    Other than family, my greatest passion is writing. Since 1996, I have published over 60 books in multiple genres. 

    I have drawn, painted, sculpted and carved ever since I can remember. In school, I often gave drawings and paintings to friends. Now, my art often shows up as illustrations in my books or on covers. I have also painted and sold some saw blades. 

Sewing is another hobby that I started as a child. My first projects were clothes for dolls. That gave me the skill I needed to hand sew my own clothes before I purchased a sewing machine. Later, I made clothes for my family and my latest sewing project has been making masks during the 2020 pandemic. 

At one point, I decorated and sold cakes. To me, it was yet another outlet for my artistic passion. I made specialized cakes for friends and relatives - often weddings. When I retired and we moved to a small house, I didn't have the space to work on cakes. I sold my equipment, but I still have pictures of some of my cakes

    I love construction and woodworking because it allows me to be creative. I've made everything from furniture to buildings. 

    I have no training as a photographer, but I do have an appreciation for pictures that tell a story. I call them Photoscripts, and sometimes they wind up as covers on my books. 

    Gardening is another outlet for me. I've been using a raised-bed method since the late 1990's and even have a Facebook page called "The Experimental Gardener." 

    Not surprisingly, my passions and hobbies often mingle. I am currently writing a cookbook "From The Garden" with information about using fresh garden produce in recipes. I maintain a website of free online reads of my short stories, as well as first chapters of my novels. Join my mailing list to keep in touch with additions or browse my website where all my books as well as where they can be purchased are listed. 
Linda Louise Mecham-Rigsbee

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