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by Linda Louise Rigsbee on 07/24/19

Today I turned 70. I have been pondering for weeks about why 69 doesn’t sound old but 70 does. It’s a mind thing – an anniversary, so to speak. Most people have at least one year set in our minds as a turning point. This morning, I woke up with an idea. (My good ideas usually arrive as I wake in the morning with a fresh mind.)

A week ago I started a to-do list and it was so long that I got depressed and pushed it aside. I mentioned my disappointment on Facebook and got some positive suggestions. (This is one of the things I love about Facebook, btw.) Among those suggestions was a shorter list for that day or that week, as well as a list of blessings. I decided to merge some of the suggestions and, what better day than my 70th birthday – a turning point in my life?

Instead of making a to-do list and scratching things off; why not make two columns? Why not list what needs to be done and move it to the accomplished list when it is done. Add to that list; things I have done for others and things I have done for myself. But this isn’t all about me. Family members can see what needs to be done and when they finish something, they can move it to the accomplished list and initial it.

Turning 70 isn’t an end-of-life event. It has the potential of any other year in my life. I can haul out the rocking chair and look at my life as spent, or I can set new and improved goals based on the wisdom I gained in 70 years. The choice is mine.

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1. Joan Diehl said on 7/24/19 - 01:24PM
I was almost 80 when my first book, a Vietnam memoir, was published! Now, at 84, I have had three children's books published, with my fourth coming soon.

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