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"After The Blast" by T. L. Knighton

by Linda Louise Rigsbee on 05/04/14

I just realized that I posted my April Book Review in the wrong blog.  Thank goodness I have all my mistakes taken care of for the year now.  Here is my April blog:

           Not everyone gets the novelette/novella purpose, but T. L. Knighton certainly did with his book, "After The Blast."  The synopsis looked interesting, so I bought a kindle copy with the intent of reading a few pages.  I figured if I liked the writing style, I'd read it in my free time.  Good luck on that idea.  A few pages led to another chapter and the next thing I knew the hours had flown by and I had completed the book.  I was scolding myself for not getting anything done, but I was doing it with a satisfied grin on my face.

            I could relate to Jason in this post apocalyptic story.  As a victim of "The Little Red Hen Syndrome" personality myself, I could imagine making the decision that no one else was doing anything, so I'd best figure on doing the job alone.  Jason's reaction to the situation was not only believable, but also underlined the fact that we never know what we are capable of until we are put to task.  At one point I actually stopped and mathematically calculated the possibility of one of Jason's accomplishments.  It would have been a real push, but Jason was motivated enough to make it possible.

            Knighton didn't get sidetracked with details, yet his story contained all the pertinent facts.  It is a gripping story that entertains for a few hours and leaves you feeling like the story is finished, yet pondering all the possibilities later.  Knighton captures the good, the bad and the inevitable ugly part of human nature without getting bogged down with gory details. "After The Blast" was an entertaining and well written read that I recommend for anyone from young adult up.

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