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Best Selling Author Lingo

by Linda Louise Rigsbee on 03/06/21

Today, as I was reading a book advertisement, I noticed that two of the authors who reviewed it were "best-selling authors." I wondered how many best-selling authors there could be. Isn't best implying only one? Then I wondered if using that title every time they wrote a review was like crying wolf. Wouldn't people begin to pay no mind?

So, I got on the internet and Googled "how can so many people be best selling authors?" I might as well have asked "how long is a string?" It depends on where the books are sold.

On Amazon, it means that you have sold more books during a specific time period than any other book in that category – or even sub-category. So, you could be a best seller for an hour in a small market.

Well, surprise! I'm a best seller! I held that title for a week with a small publisher. I think I sold 3 books to earn it. On the flip side, I've sold 57 copies of a romance book in a week and have 5* reviews, but my rank is something like #7,000 on that book.

The New York Times best seller list is coveted, but best sellers on that list haven't necessarily sold the most books. They only consider books from specific traditional publishing companies, never self-published authors. You could become a millionaire selling a self-published book and never show up on their list.

Further research indicates it is possible to manipulate or even purchase the title of best-selling author. That sounds unfair to those who really are. I have been publishing long enough to know that marketing requires more time, effort and money than I am willing to invest. I just keep publishing and hoping my books will get discovered.

I have never claimed to be a best-selling author. I have advertised that I am an award-winning author. If you have won an award for your writing, then you are an award-winning author. I have won multiple awards in writing contests over the years, so I think that claim is legitimate. I worked hard for them. If I get my name in the news as a good author, I'll thump my chest a little, but I think I'll skip the claim of best-selling author. It sounds too much like a hollow victory to me.

I have had my books on my free read website for many years and some have well over 200,000 reads world-wide. I only stopped posting my novels because someone pirated one of my books. You can still read many of my short stories on this site. No information or membership is required to read them and there is no advertising.

My purpose for writing is for pleasure – mine and that of the reader. If I sell a bunch of books, I'll be happy, but if I only entertain for a few hours, that's enough payment for me.

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