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"Rachel's Contrition," by Michelle Buckman

by Linda Louise Rigsbee on 03/26/14

March Book Review of Rachel's Contrition, a Catholic Fiction Romance Novel by Michelle Buckman

If I had to use one word to describe this book, I think it would be "visceral."  I didn't simply read this book.  I felt it deep down inside.  From the first page, I was emotionally tied to Rachel.  I had a hard time putting the book down as it moved smoothly from chapter to chapter, drawing me ever deeper into the darkness of Rachel's grief.

I loved the way Michelle built the characters slowly and personally, as if they were being developed in my mind, not hers.  I identified with Rachel.  I was Rachel for a while.  I could feel her grief about the loss of her daughter.  I felt compassion for her husband and I wanted them to reconcile.  I wanted her son to embrace her.  I wanted them all to be a family again.

Perhaps there is a deep dark fear in each of us that if we are examined too closely, we won't measure up.  I felt that in Rachel.  Even those with the greatest faith feel lost sometimes.  Rachel was a mixture of strength and weakness - flawed, yet morally intact.

For me, the connection with the soul is what made this book memorable.  Long after the mysteries were solved and the plot was unfolded, I pondered how I would react under the same circumstances.

An excellent read and one I would highly recommend.

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