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Underlake, by Kia Heavey

by Linda Louise Rigsbee on 01/24/16

After “Night Dreams,” I was hooked on this writer. Kia Heavey has a way of sucking you into the character. “Underlake” is a young adult book, but don’t let that discourage you “old” adults. Regardless of your age, this book is hard to put down. I didn’t simply see Katie. I was Katie for a while – young, confused and vulnerable. There is enough hypocrisy and double standards in life and media to confuse a kid when their parents are stellar examples. But parents are merely imperfect people – flawed, like Katie’s mother.

Torn from her trendy friends in the big city, Katie reluctantly spends the summer with her mother in a remote house by a peculiar lake. She is discovering something about herself when she meets a nice boy who is unlike anyone she has ever known. The boy has a dark cold secret that she will eventually share with him. That secret will change her life forever.

I love the way Kia Heavey can twist a book in the middle without tearing it apart. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for something different.

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1. Carol Kean said on 1/24/16 - 12:40PM
Lake Boy!! Linda, I'm glad to see another reader love YA stories as I do. "Underlake" has a dark, mysterious undertone that pulls you in like those river currents whooshing beneath a nicely rippling surface. Some scenes (mother/daughter, separated by *no spoiler here*) are so vivid and surreal. Magical!

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